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DMK paramedical skin revolution.

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Unlike traditional facials, DMK Enzyme Treatments deliver tangible RESULTS. At The Skin Bar, we’re passionate about skin and proud to offer DMK skin revision and DMK Enzyme Therapy treatments in Berwick. Our revolutionary approach of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, and MAINTAIN ensures your skin experiences a lasting transformation. Our signature DMK treatment works deep within, addressing the core of skin conditions and providing enduring change. By engaging the lymphatic system, this technique purges accumulated impurities, unveiling a luminous, long-lasting radiance.

Consider us your skin coach at The Skin Bar Berwick, guiding you towards genuine results. Our DMK Enzyme Therapy corrects diverse concerns such as ageing, pigmentation, acne, and Rosacea. Our result-oriented approach incorporates a comprehensive skin analysis using the Observ 520 system, and we’ll prescribe a personalised home care regimen to kickstart your journey to healthy skin at our DMK clinic.

Explore the Levels of DMK Enzyme Therapy

Level 1: Introduction to Skin Health

Level 1 of your DMK treatment is designed for first-time clients at our DMK clinic. Elevate cellular function and skin health by leveraging your lymphatic system. Impurities are flushed out, and vital nutrients are delivered to your cells, while gentle exfoliation and transdermal infusion enhance your complexion.


Level 2: Targeted Treatment

Address surface skin concerns with Level 2 of DMK treatment. Whether you battle pigmentation, redness, or acne, specialised exfoliants combined with our signature enzyme mask provide effective care. For inflammation or loss of elasticity, the muscle banding treatment delivers remarkable results.

Our trained skin therapist will advise of your treatment plan.


Level 3: Intensive Cellular Restoration

Challenge your skin’s limits with Level 3. Stimulate cellular activity, collagen, and elastin production. Building on Levels 1 and 2, this DMK treatment features double exfoliation and our signature enzyme mask, effectively rejuvenating your skin. 


Level 4: Ultimate Instant Lift

Unveil your inner goddess with Level 4’s instant lift facial. Three-layered therapy, including a pre-exfoliant, and enzyme #1, #2, and #3 in a single session, provides unparalleled results. Perfect for special occasions, this DMK treatment ensures you feel and look extraordinary.


DMK Express Bar

We are now offering DMK Express Bar treatment options for the busy individual that still wanting a quick treatment with results! A collection of bespoke express treatments for the busy individual that still wanting a quick treatment with results!

Leaving your skin feeling refreshed revitalized, bright, and plump.


Perfect antioxidant to bring back life into dull and lacklustre skin. You will leave feeling bright and bouncy.

CLEAR UP - $170

Away with the unwanted congestion! Clear out unwanted guests and boost your skin’s natural hydration. This treatment will leave you feeling fresh, bright and ready to take on the day.

FIRE & ICE - $170

Let our freeze & fracture formulation Cryo Pro-X diffuse redness, improve vascular health and replenish hydration, leaving your skin plump and silk smooth. Perfect for all skin types.


The perfect pick-me-up for your skin. The Skin Boost will plump up your skin and fast-track skin rejuvenation. (Not for first time clients, some peeling may occur. We recommend the DMK At-home Enzyme Masque or Professional Lift Off 3 days after).

DMK Treatment: Medi Pedi

As a DMK clinic, we also offer a DMK medi pedi to restore your feet’s softness. Alkaline Wash dissolves calluses and dead skin, leaving your feet baby smooth. Unlike standard pedicures, our advanced formula provides a cloud-nine experience with this DMK treatment.

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Elevate your skincare journey by scheduling a DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment at our Berwick DMK clinic. Beyond DMK Enzyme Therapy, The Skin Bar Laser Clinic offers a range of advanced services, including fat cavitation, hydro microdermabrasion, skin needling, and RF skin tightening.

Contact us at (03) 9702 6939 or via email to inquire about our services. Your transformation begins at The Skin Bar, conveniently located in Eden Rise Village Shopping Centre, serving Clyde, Narre Warren, Officer, Beaconsfield, Pakenham, and Cranbourne residents. Embark on your journey to radiant, healthy skin today.

Frequently Asked Questions - DMK Clinic

DMK Enzyme Therapy is not your typical facial – it’s a results-driven treatment for those seeking real transformations. The therapy works from within to treat the core of your skin concerns, ensuring lasting change. By engaging your lymphatic system, we flush out accumulated impurities and unveil luminous, rejuvenated skin with this DMK treatment.

DMK Enzyme Therapy offers multifaceted benefits. It works to revise your skin from within, targeting core issues for long-lasting change. The therapy engages your lymphatic system to eliminate impurities, leaving your skin radiant and refreshed. Whether you’re struggling with ageing, pigmentation, acne, or Rosacea, DMK Clinic in Berwick is here to transform your skin health.

To optimise your DMK Enzyme Therapy experience, certain pre- and post-care steps are recommended. Before your session, ensure your skin is clean and free of any makeup or skincare products. After the treatment, avoid excessive sun exposure and use recommended post-treatment products to nourish and protect your skin. Our experts at The Skin Bar will provide you with tailored guidance to ensure the best results. 

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